Mountains for Ceramic Houses 12 compare Mountains for Ceramic Houses 9


I included a before shot of the wall for a comparison. The mountain and sky really bring it out.

I did this in a private home in the villages.

I also added some hidden animal shapes in the mountains for fun.

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Smoke Diver Fin Cleared 18 Smoke Diver Fin Cleared 9


I was hired to paint this motorcycle helmet for a retired smoke diver/ fireman.

This was a lot of fun as I had some creative freedom with it.

In the gallery you will find all sides of it including the top where I got a little creative with the logo. I think the fire came out really nice and I hope to do more tribal like this in the future.

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Lion outta gates of hell 9 Lion outta gates of hell 11 after clear and buffed


This was a fun job to do on a fairing. There’s a lot of detail in it so be sure to see the other pics in the gallery. There’s even tormented souls in the fire.


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The judge at court house 1 The judge at court house 20


So I was working at an actual court house and it occurred to me that never in my life would I probably have such an opportune moment to use a court room.

My friend had been wanting to get painted and we took a day to paint and go. The only down side is that I wish I had had better lighting, time and even more props.

I did however put myself in hand cuffs. The order in which I had the pictures sort of tell a story. Judge is there and points. Then I’m in the box and she points at me, and then as if I’m hauled off she flicks me off toward the court room, Guilty! Then I’m pleading to not be sentenced, lol.

Unfortunately when I upload pics to my site the order gets all switched around.

But anyways here ya go, a judge with a, “pearl necklace”, if ya get my suave idea of the matter, heehee. Yeah, ya have to see the close up shots in the gallery. I have a sick sense of humor.

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Bike Week 2013 Wonder Woman 17 Bike Week 2013 Rebel flag top 4


I was hired a few times so I included a few pics from one of the times as well as the time I got to paint wonder woman.

You’ll notice I used little playboy bunnies instead of stars. Brilliant I thought.


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Bike Week 2013 7 Bike Week 2013 18


Once again romping around Daytona bike fest in body paint.

Oh the stories I could tell, hahaha

As for subway, well… Eat fresh

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Flock Flowers 3


Can you tell which is flowers and which is paint???

Also the top is paint…

We were heading to a music festival. I had been wanting to use a particular field that gets completely covered by the flocks. Had the idea to do it for a long time. However due to time constraint I wound up just picking a spot on the side of the road with a good amount of flocks.

I’d like to do this or well something similar again when the flocks come into bloom in that field.

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Valentine Teddy Bears 2


I got hired to body paint at a place and I had my too friends here kick start the party. In the gallery you’ll find that they decided to paint me a little too, hahha

Probably painted around 8 people that night in all.  


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Buffalo Hard Hat 2


This was a quick job I did with a tight dead line so that it could be in a competition for an employee party.


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Graduation hat I airbrushed custom tailored to how they wanted it.

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