Hands Making a Peace Sign – Pencil Drawing

Hands Making a Peace Sign - Pencil Drawing

I came up with this one back in high school art class. Using good ol’ Stabillo Pencil.

The ring is cracked and gives some type representation that peace is falling apart and or holding together.

In school I always still felt rushed as assignments had to be completed. Hard thing when art can’t really be rushed too much. …I’ll probably throw in couple of my college art class’s  later about time…

Rick’s Car in Surreal Desert

Rick's Car in Surreal Desert

This was a fairly early piece done and a gift for Rick who owned the car. Whom I knew from where I was getting my art prints made up. I think it was just a gift to himself.

I was told just to have him riding in the desert and the rest was up to me.

This was a combination of being hand painted and airbrushed.

Using Iwata Eclipse with .50mm nozzle and needle set up. I think I used createx textile paint. Painted on bristol board.

My Filing Cabinet

My Filing Cabinet

This was one of the first things I really airbrushed on.

At that time I didn’t have my finer nozzle and needle get-up for my airbrush. Used a .50mm nozzle and needle. Some hand painting was done on this as well with a fine spotter brush.

I played with some stenciling I had. Used strategic placement for the handle and latch.

Use a urethane clear coat. PPG 2021. I used an airbrush to clear coat it light as I figured I may do more to it later on. Achieved a good gloss with it and laid out good. Not bad for an old beat up cabinet.   

Just another thing that can be painted and made to look cool.

Warped Skulls All Black

Warped Skulls All Black

This is 100% freehand.

The client wanted sort of a tattoo style, all done in black skulls any way I seen fit.

The only stipulation was he wanted the number 13 somewhere in it and vampire fangs for the skulls.

The owner did his body work and base painted it.

I think I used House of Kolor paint. And my Iwata Eclipse airbrush with .50mm nozzle and needle.

Dolphin Bike With Mer-Fairy

Dolphin Bike With Mer-Fairy

My client gave me a tattoo flash picture, something to give me an idea along the lines of what she wanted.

We called the cross mix, a Mer-Fairy with a dolphin. And more dolphins where added on the front and rear fender.

At the time I only had my .50mm nozzle and needle Iwata Eclipse airbrush to spray with. I used a fine spotter brush to opaque much of the white water splash.  

I used Auto Air Colors and cleared with PPG 2021 and cut and buffed the clear to perfection.

Vet Bike

Vet Bike

This was a great honor to paint for a Vietnam veteran.

He also drove PCU (Personal Carrier Unit) tanks. Hence the one in the background.

While not seen I had to match a pearl stripe that was damaged and nailed it perfect match, playing with airbrush colors I had on hand. I used Auto Air Colors. I also just used my  .50mm Iwata Eclipse airbrush. I also used some Sticky Mickey Masking for little of the art.

Aside from the stripe touch up, this was just a scuff and shoot job. Meaning sanded down for art, not breaking through into the factor clear coat and base paint colors. If I recall I think the tank got shot with PPG 2021 clear coat. Then I cut and buffed it. Usually 2 clear coat sessions are involved. 2 to 3 coats are applied each session. After first session of coats it has to dry and then it gets sanded down smooth. The second session then has enough material to cut and buff it. That’s where I sand down with less aggressive paper usually 800 at first then a 1000 grit and 1500 grit and finally 2000 grit paper. Then it gets buffed with compounds and a final clear coat safe polish. No better way to get a flawless mirror shine finish.

Tiger Logo

Tiger Logo

I did this inked logo for a company that had a machine to engrave it in metal. 

I used a micron pen to ink it after having penciled it out. 

I was currently attending college and working on my AS Degree in Graphic Design.

What a pleasure it was to get some various jobs while going to school.  

Octopus-Off Helmet

Octopus-Off Helmet

This is the second helmet I’ve done for my dad.

He wanted the octopus doing what it’s doing. (Birds in the water. lol)

We decided to have an old cannon on the bottom. Covered in coral and such.

Even a little crab shaking its claws as it has been disturbed at its home.

First I shot a pearl white base and shot some intercoat on it. I used a chalk pencil or stabile pencil and lightly drew the design out on the helmet. Then free handed in airbrushing. At this time I had bought a new airbrush. An Iwata High Performance HP-BC Plus, which came with a .30mm nozzle and needle to go with it. Having studied some on line forums I learned I could morph my HP-BC Plus into basically a high dollar micron airbrush by simply adjusting the inner screw in the gun and using a .20mm nozzle and needle to go with it. This became my work-horse airbrush gun. Generally because I’m often working such small details.  

I used Auto Air paint which is water base paint by Createx.

After I finished the art work, I then shot the clear coat and then followed by a cut and buff. I used House of Kolor clear coat UC-35.

This was almost 100% freehand.

I had to stencil off the tentacles a bit as I had just a little overspray to correct.

My Parents 1st Helmets

My Parents 1st Helmets

My parents bought a couple new helmets and gathered some ideas they wanted on each of their helmets. My dad wanted the rider and with the indian ghost rider. This is rather like the classic art by David Mann. An eagle was added and, a rattle snake.

These were done before I had my finer nozzle and needle get-up. All shot with 0.5 tip and used Auto Air paint which is water base paint by Createx. Finer pigment and light-fast for uv protection. After are art was completed, I clear coated them with PPG 2021, if I recall correctly.  Aside from little normal wear, they still look good today.

Once again I hand painted with a spot brush. As I hadn’t started using a smaller airbrush needle and nozzle set. I used a 00 brush by Dick Blick.

I used Art Tool masking called Stretch Mask to stencil off where needed. The masking material works good for working on contoured surfaces, such as these helmets.