I was doodling since I was a kid. Raised in central Florida and encouraged to pursue my passion throughout my years, I continued to do art.

I graduated with the top portfolio award in high school and, I graduated with an A.S. Degree in Graphic Design at Lake Sumter Community College and Daytona Community College.

            I always liked fantasy art and realism with the twist of the surreal and, aspired to the myriad of artist I’d come to admire. Through my school years I constantly would strive for detail in my own works, while exploring all the mediums we were encouraged to learn. Regardless of the mediums I used I didn’t have much preference over any one medium over another. I even took a liking to 3D sculpting. However, I had taught myself how to airbrush while in high school and found myself constantly going back to it. Eventually airbrush was taught in school but I already had a firm grasp of using it by then.

             After collage I began using airbrush almost exclusively. I also had found a new interest and niche for automotive artistry. There seemed to be a demand for the work and I liked the idea that each job could be different from the one to the next.

            As a freelance artist I needed to build my portfolio more and would take whatever job would come my way. Since I had an interest to paint on about anything and especially automobiles, I had to learn how to do body work and all aspects that go with automotive art. As well as any other surface that would need to be prepped and finished properly. I also took on sign jobs, graphic design work, wall murals and, whatever else came my way.

            In my spare time I’ve been creating my own fine art, ever building my portfolio. I hope to get my works out to see the light of others days and hopefully my art will enthrall others as much as other artist’s works do me.