Dennis Panzik

These days I am mostly using an airbrush to create art, whether it’s my own personal fine art that I’m creating or automotive murals. I’ve painted wall murals, signs, logo designs, portraits, painted on various fabrics, body paint and I have designed tattoos. I’ve worked in pencil, ink, charcoal, color pencil, and even done my fair share of chalk art on sidewalks. I love illustrating or creating my own personal fine art in general. I paint a variety of subject matter such as; fantasy art, some surrealism, some wildlife, and some just plain wicked. While I’m currently keeping quite busy being commissioned to paint automotive art, I’m looking forward to licensing more of my art around the world.

I graduated with the top portfolio award my senior year in high school.

I also graduated with an A.S. Degree in Graphic Design. The only art course the local college had to offer.

My fine art is available for licensing:
As well as perhaps other works I’ve done.
Contact me if you like to commission me to create something in particular.
I take pride in being able to do a wide variety of work.
This has been particularly helpful since I often custom paint on motorcycles and nearly anything else that I’m commissioned to do.

Just some of the many things that can be painted up:
Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, RV’s, Watercrafts, Airplanes, Helmets, Leather, Upholstery,
Gold Carts, Computer Shells or Lap Tops, Game Consoles, Cell Phones, Gun Stocks, Gun Safes,
Tool Boxes, Refrigerators, Toilet Seats, Wall Murals, Signs, Body Painting.

If you don’t see your bike or something else on here or your project not finished or put together as a whole, please email or snail mail me pictures.

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