Girl Conjuring Monster – Well hello! Lol

Girl Conjuring Monster - Well hello! Lol

In some ways, this is probably a perfect early post to my blog with an early piece of work. Considering that years later I would find myself body painting and flourishing with body painting. I’ll be getting more into that in another post.

Anyways, I was playing around with painting and airbrushing. I got inspired by another artist I admired growing up and decided to paint this. I was thinking in terms of having it made into stickers someday.

It’s painted in acrylic paints, Createx original line of paints, I believe it was as it’s what I started using for the most part when I first started airbrushing, known as their textile paint.

I also painted by hand, with fine brushes that is. At the time I had and Iwata Eclipse with a 0.5 tip, nozzle and needle get-up. I found adding the finest of details were best to paint brush in. I would often come back over and airbrush in on the fine detail which were more bold and opaque. The airbrush helps to soften the sharp contrast a bit; that edginess that I just didn’t care for myself in my work. Often the edges aren’t softened, it looks like was stenciled. Well anyways, this one I wasn’t worried about being a little bold.

The airbrush is a great tool for splatter graining effects like on the stone floor. The photo doesn’t do this justice and was photographed using a 35mm camera, as all my work was back then. Had not cost so much to develop pictures I would of taken a lot more. Lol

If I get a request or if getting feeling froggy I may produce some of these as stickers. Maybe come up with some cool or funny title to add to it. I did make several copies that I still believe I have on hand somewhere. Copies same size as original I think. And it’s not but around 5 inches all in all.

Ha! I could see it as an album cover too!

The End is the Beginning and the Beginning the End

The End is the Beginning and the Beginning the End

While over the years I’ve have created all sorts of art, the earliest, doodling as a toddler, then on up, sketching more elaborate detailed works in pencil mainly and, sometimes in ink. I have many works all of which I’ve kept. My parents would always remind me to sign and date my work.

Alas I haven’t the need to share everything. But I am starting the bulk of my blog gallery with some early works and hopefully will give some insight into my realm. Snippets of my journey.   …Life of an artist.

As visual artist we need to be seen. Even heard, as every bit helps. And while I have gotten commissioned jobs from all areas, none have been more prevalent than, word of mouth.

So I encourage everyone to help support artist. Sharing my work and my website link. My flier is posted here in this post. Pass it along in facebook etc. rather than the chain-mail that are mostly scams and such. It all helps more than we know. After all, this quote is rather true:

                                          Support living artist; The dead ones don’t need it.