Body Painting Bike Week at Trader Jacks

There are several I have not included but these are the better ones for the most part.
The bar gave me the stage out back with a stripper pole, to set up my art display and to body paint.
For one of the main parties, we had a biker TV show come out and film me paint one of the girls and the entire event.
Dixie Biker Illustrated threw the party in coordination with the bar.
I got many fond memories of the times we had.


2 Responses to “Body Painting Bike Week at Trader Jacks”

  1. mandy says:

    Wow! Blast from the past. I’m the girl in the jean skirt at Trader Jacks.I had fun that night!! You have very nice art work on your website.

  2. Dennis Panzik says:

    Thanks Mandy. It was awesome meeting you. Good times

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