The Judge at the Court House


So I was working at an actual court house and it occurred to me that never in my life would I probably have such an opportune moment to use a court room.

My friend had been wanting to get painted and we took a day to paint and go. The only down side is that I wish I had had better lighting, time and even more props.

I did however put myself in hand cuffs. The order in which I had the pictures sort of tell a story. Judge is there and points. Then I’m in the box and she points at me, and then as if I’m hauled off she flicks me off toward the court room, Guilty! Then I’m pleading to not be sentenced, lol.

Unfortunately when I upload pics to my site the order gets all switched around.

But anyways here ya go, a judge with a, “pearl necklace”, if ya get my suave idea of the matter, heehee. Yeah, ya have to see the close up shots in the gallery. I have a sick sense of humor.


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