Red Bike with Black Dragon

This Harley was painted for the owner of a couple

Harley Davidson dealerships.

The whole dragon sort of makes up the entire bike.

I don’t have pictures of the
saddle bags nor the rear fender. Or any of it all together.
I engraved the windshield to carry though the

dragons horns on the fairing.

There ended up being quite a few changes, etc. to get it how my client liked it.

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Viking Theme Real Fire Bike


I had done airbrush for this guy before but his bike was damaged in a accident.
Insurance and a new bike later; he wanted me to do something a little different and more this time.

He loved the transparent yellow I used so that was a must.
Over the silver base paint, the transparent paint along with the opaque colors makes the fire really pop
giving a really nice shifting effect. Then along with my detailed mural work, this job came out really cool.

The coin on one of the side covers I got from an authentic Viking coin that I found a picture of.

The rear fender was fabricated with tail lights being the skull eyes.

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Cartoonish Black Widow

This was a fun little job. Little different than what I’ve been use to doing of late.

She shipped me her tins from Texas.

She wanted red webbing that shapes a heart with initials B&C hid in it and a cartoonish black window.

I pin stripped the red webbing. I also brushed in the majority of the spider.
I then came back and airbrushed the spider detailing it out a little more.

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Porn Bike Moo Glide



Bottom line, I’m gonna paint whatever someone pays me to paint.
Some artist are picky about painting skulls, evil stuff, nudity. For me, it’s art.
While a portion of these pictures in my gallery are photo-real renderings, it’s still art.

This Moo Glide was for a newlywed. What a great biker wedding it was too….

The only stipulation was to have only girls, no toys and, for the tank was to be done in an outline style different from the fenders, of an orgy which should include skulls.

The rear fender was finished before my clients got to specify that they’d like
the girls to have red/orange hair.
About a year later, something was welded onto the rear fender and damaged the paint.
Alas, I got to redo the entire girl and give the desired hair color the second time around.

After the tins were completed, I suggested that I could make little bikini cut outs out of thin magnetic sheets. Then they could put the bikinis on and off. But we never did.

I often get asked if I can do portraits. Well, I think this should explain it, hahaha.

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Cobalt Blue Real Fire With Wicked Skulls


This bike took 2nd place in the Artistic Chopper Show during Daytona Bike Week 2010.

While in the show, the rear fender was needing redone as I didn’t have the appropriate measurements
and when new tail lights were put on, the skull was too low. It’s been redone since.

Also to the addition, a helmet was added. (See next post for pictures of it.)

I look forwarded to hearing other shows this bike will place in.
Check out all the pictures in the gallery.

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60’s Psychedelic-a Bike


Here’s one a bit different.
I used a lot of pearls and the end result is well, quite trippy.
The owner wanted something 60’s.
She also found a skull incorporating both and thought it was perfect for her.
She also thought about having the confetti to carry out the design and through onto the side covers.
I figured tie-dye colors.

I stripped the tank down and got rid of the vinyl stickers that were on the sides under the clear coat.

Elite Kustomz finished the body work and shot the black base and did all the clear coating.

I cut and buffed it to its mirror perfection.

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