Bad Apple

Bad Apple 11

The Bad Apple Bobber was a fun paint job.

The original mural in mind changed but it came out great as it evolved. There’s quite a bit of gold leaf utilized in it. Even the daggers blade is gold leaf and then painted over just a little.

I gold leafed it and pin stripped it and added a touch of airbrush.


So far as I know the bobber has won two trophies.


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Cartoonish Black Widow

This was a fun little job. Little different than what I’ve been use to doing of late.

She shipped me her tins from Texas.

She wanted red webbing that shapes a heart with initials B&C hid in it and a cartoonish black window.

I pin stripped the red webbing. I also brushed in the majority of the spider.
I then came back and airbrushed the spider detailing it out a little more.

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Pinstriped Trike 1

Here’s some pinstriping over an existing finish on a trike.

A year or so later, someone tried to steal their trike. While they tried to pry open the seat, they damaged the one rear fender a little. So my solution was to add some more pinstriping. It covered it perfect, plus it really added to the fender in front which I kept thinking looked bare anyways.

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