Eagle with Mouth Open Over Flag On Tailgate

I encouraged the client to let me do something a little different with the bald eagle.
I found a great photo of a shot of an eagle with its mouth open. It made for more work
but, I feel it was well worth it. I really love how it came it. I think the owner did too.
He wanted something patriotic wrote out below the flag.
I don’t know what else to say. I just really loved doing this one.

Also, I had to get it done in time for a race in New Smyrna.
As his truck was his truck was in a truck show at the track while the race was going on.

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Tailgate I did for Richie

I did this tailgate for my friend. I of course got to put my website a decent size on it.
He loves to fish. He wanted a Crape and a Bass. I decided to make them jumping out of lava.
He liked my idea of the skeletons fishing them.

I stripped the tailgate. Did the body work. Painted it black. Then clear coated it and then did the art.
Then finally cleared a good couple sessions of clear coat followed by a good cut and buff.

Eventually the rest of the truck will be fixed up and decked out with paint.

Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures and the close up views.

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Black Bear Tailgate

This was surprise birthday present for the wife.
She about cried when she seen it.

Sometime later the truck had been too high to climb into anymore.

I think it has sold a couple times now.

Some of these pics of the whole truck were taken some years later,
having drove by it on the side of the road. I snapped some shots.
It was kind of dirty. Otherwise, still looked good.

A friend of mine John Blackmore shot the clear. A little over reduced….

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