Thumb Print Tree


My cousin told me about these thumb print trees that people are doing for their weddings. Instead of a regular guest book for the wedding people can get a little more creative.

Everyone gets to use different colors, if so desired and adds their thumb print or other finger, creating leaves for the tree and signs their name to their print.


I designed hers with a bit more detail than I had seen in others. I hide some faces in the trees trunk and branches, and some heart shapes here and there.


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Real Fire Wakeboard for Pro Rider Scott Culp

This custom built wakeboard for professional rider Scott Culp came through a shop
where they prepped it and will do the finishing clear coats and a cut and buff. Just in time for the
Orlando FL competitions coming up.

Where Scott Culp’s name is on the board is where the grip pad will be going over that area.
There’s an X shaped hole in the pad which will show his name over the fire.

All these pictures are only with intercoat over the fire I did.

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This Is My Art Eagle Shirt

I don’t usually do shirts. With the detail I add in my art,
it takes a lot more time than many can’t think to justify for the cost.
I did this shirt for myself to show off my work.

Originally I took a photo of the Eagle I did on a motorcycle fairing.
I then had Walgreens print it on a shirt.
The image faded after just a few washes.

I then airbrushed over it and added more background.
I’ve washed the shirt several times and it hasn’t faded yet.
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