House of Beer Body Paint Jam 2012



I seen an event for a body paint jam on facebook at House of Beer, and I notice a couple or so people I knew going. I asked someone and was told I should come out with someone I’ve body painted. It was a good excuse to do up someone with little more creativity involved. Time wasn’t still quite on my side as it often isn’t when I body paint but I was happy with what I created.


I painted over the pasties and for some reason it’s hard to not want to paint a nipple back over the pasties, lol. However I had an idea in mind to make the fake nipple appear to be pierced with a large needle. I then had it threaded with a string and attached to another large hook needle. Using some latex skin stuff called zombie skin, I made it look like the large hook needle is piercing the faces eye brow. The same thing was done for the other needle.


At the paint jam there was many models and photographers and artist and with great works. Nix Nerrera had put on the event. Last I knew he was on the show Face Off which is a reality television game show on the Syfy cable network in which a group of prosthetic makeup artist competes.


Also gotta thank Jay Bautista who I met back when along with the Wolfe Brothers, who let me barrow one of his paint brushes for a real quick touch up on my model.


After everyone was painted they did photo shoots with everyone together.

I also hung out with photographer Kato Rand a bit and we both took some photos of my model.


House of Beer in Orlando has 100 some beers I think it is on tap. What a selection.


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Biketober Fest 2012 with Great White and the Trans Am Band


We were all over. The girls wore the paint a couple days with little touch up’s and since its water proof body paint, they even went in the hot tub and swimming painted up. Made some good photo shots I took.


We got pictures with the Trans Am Band and the girls got on stage with the band.


Later we got to meet Great White and, got pictures with almost everyone in the band. I think Jack Russel, the singer was caught off guard a little when he seen the girls, hahaha.


We had a lot of fun at the Cabbage Patch and caught a little of the cole slaw wrestling but for the most part had fun meeting multiple people and get pics taken.


Me and one of the girls went and caught David Allen Coe play and Warrant over at Iron Horse Saloon. Also caught some opening acts. All in all a great time.


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Jesus Painted with Holy Water



I predominantly airbrush with acrylic paint which is water based paint and must be thinned down with water a lot to get it to spray through the airbrush, especially when painting details. Often I mix the paint with water 3:1 ratio.


I was telling my friend this and he told me I should paint a picture of Jesus and use holy water. I figured, why not.


Copyright Dennis T Panzik   Available for licensing






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