Body Spa Logo


We had to come up with a name and since the spa is in a gym, I thought a good name was Body Spa. So I then created the logo. Pen and inked it. Then I put it in photoshop to digitize it.


I also painted the logo on a wall.

And on a painted it on door which can be seen in the work I did for Omni.


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Infinity Fitness Aerobics Room



For the aerobics room at Infinity Fitness, I used fluorescent paint to paint the walls. It really jazzed up the room along with the dance lights and all.

The room is used for Zumba, Spinning and Silver Sneaker classes, etc.


The dragon on the wall is wearing a calorie polar heart rate monitor watch, lol.

Gave him a Polar tattoo and put Burnin’ Calories in the fire to motivate.


Link to the gym in Fruitland Park FL:


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Cousin Vinnie’s Wall Mural



Cousin Vinnie’s Chicken Wings restaurant expanded and turned into a sports bar.

I painted the front side of the building, the football and baseball as well as the sign/ name of the place. This area painted is also where the ring toss game is, thus the reason we had put strikes 1, 2 and 3. However not seeming appealing, we painted out the strikes.


We had people eating inside that wanted to participate to come out so that we could shine a line on them all to get their silhouettes out lines.


Another artist was used later to paint the side of the building.




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Pirate’s Pub Wall Mural

This was such a fun mural to paint. The owners wanted a ghost ship.
I suggested that they let me add some more to it. I came up with the, well sort of Pirate’s of the Caribbean theme to go with. Creating ghoulish faces is fun.

I was told, “when monkeys fly”, get’s said a bit and so was asked if I could give the monkey wings. No problem.

Of course I had to also give the monkey a half rotten or rotting face as well.

I toiled a little with the concept a bit when drawing up some rough drafts and with
what I was gonna do with the bow of the ship. I thought a grim reaper was good for a ghost ship.

I also sprayed a matt varnish over it.

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Fanta’s House Mural

This mural runs the entire length of the back of their house. All under a porch.
It’s mainly reminiscent of their annual vacations in the keys and the island they camp on.

It’s all airbrushed and for the most part done freehand.

The boat I taped off some/ stenciled out. For most the sharp edges I used a hand held shield.

Once the art was all finished, I sprayed coats of varnish over it to protect it for years to come.

There’s a lot of pictures in the gallery. Check it out.

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