The End is the Beginning and the Beginning the End

The End is the Beginning and the Beginning the End

While over the years I’ve have created all sorts of art, the earliest, doodling as a toddler, then on up, sketching more elaborate detailed works in pencil mainly and, sometimes in ink. I have many works all of which I’ve kept. My parents would always remind me to sign and date my work.

Alas I haven’t the need to share everything. But I am starting the bulk of my blog gallery with some early works and hopefully will give some insight into my realm. Snippets of my journey.   …Life of an artist.

As visual artist we need to be seen. Even heard, as every bit helps. And while I have gotten commissioned jobs from all areas, none have been more prevalent than, word of mouth.

So I encourage everyone to help support artist. Sharing my work and my website link. My flier is posted here in this post. Pass it along in facebook etc. rather than the chain-mail that are mostly scams and such. It all helps more than we know. After all, this quote is rather true:

                                          Support living artist; The dead ones don’t need it.

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