My Parents 1st Helmets

My Parents 1st Helmets

My parents bought a couple new helmets and gathered some ideas they wanted on each of their helmets. My dad wanted the rider and with the indian ghost rider. This is rather like the classic art by David Mann. An eagle was added and, a rattle snake.

These were done before I had my finer nozzle and needle get-up. All shot with 0.5 tip and used Auto Air paint which is water base paint by Createx. Finer pigment and light-fast for uv protection. After are art was completed, I clear coated them with PPG 2021, if I recall correctly.  Aside from little normal wear, they still look good today.

Once again I hand painted with a spot brush. As I hadn’t started using a smaller airbrush needle and nozzle set. I used a 00 brush by Dick Blick.

I used Art Tool masking called Stretch Mask to stencil off where needed. The masking material works good for working on contoured surfaces, such as these helmets. 

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