Octopus-Off Helmet

Octopus-Off Helmet

This is the second helmet I’ve done for my dad.

He wanted the octopus doing what it’s doing. (Birds in the water. lol)

We decided to have an old cannon on the bottom. Covered in coral and such.

Even a little crab shaking its claws as it has been disturbed at its home.

First I shot a pearl white base and shot some intercoat on it. I used a chalk pencil or stabile pencil and lightly drew the design out on the helmet. Then free handed in airbrushing. At this time I had bought a new airbrush. An Iwata High Performance HP-BC Plus, which came with a .30mm nozzle and needle to go with it. Having studied some on line forums I learned I could morph my HP-BC Plus into basically a high dollar micron airbrush by simply adjusting the inner screw in the gun and using a .20mm nozzle and needle to go with it. This became my work-horse airbrush gun. Generally because I’m often working such small details.  

I used Auto Air paint which is water base paint by Createx.

After I finished the art work, I then shot the clear coat and then followed by a cut and buff. I used House of Kolor clear coat UC-35.

This was almost 100% freehand.

I had to stencil off the tentacles a bit as I had just a little overspray to correct.

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