How I Work

  1. My Approach
  2. Cost Estimate
  3. Turn Around Time
  4. What I Require
  5. Payment Method
  6. Copyright

My Approach

I like to deal directly with the client one-on-one.
Designing with the client is the best approach and the safest way to attain the
satisfied results. I start with rough ideas and any supporting references
available. Reference materials are key in achieving a desired goal and in saving
time, time in which I may spend researching. While working one-on-one roughing
out the design(s) we can then identify any possible problems and propose
workable solutions.

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Cost Estimate

Basecoat, Clear coat, and Art: Pricing depends on
a number of things: colors, special effects, size, number of pieces, and if
whether or not body work is needed. If your basecoat is of superior
quality we might be able to work over your existing paint. Either basecoat over
or laying the art work on top of the existing paint.

Projects can be simple to complex thus affecting the wide range of pricing.
Pricing is custom tailored to each individual.
When the client and I understand the full idea of what is involved, then the project can be given a quote.
Complex projects may require a maximum budget to work within.
You can trust that I will not exceed your quote unless both you, the client, and I agree to
changes during the project.


For Each individual job, I use the guidelines below to quote a price.
These are only general guidelines.
All jobs are unique and pose different time frames.


All Materials are included in the final price.
However Specialty paint jobs such as chameleon paint, candy, flake and marble bases will be an additional charge.
Serious bodywork repairs will also be an extra charge.


Price’s here under include base coat/ clear coat and a cut and buff.

Full face motorcycle helmets-   Range from $300 for simple designs, many averaging $450 – $1000, or more.

Helmet disassembly will be more.

Skid plate bucket helmets or hard hats-   Starting at $200 and up.

A motorcycle tank-   Starting at $350 for simple designs, many averaging $600 – $1200, or more.

Motorcycle tank and 2 fenders-   Starting at $750 for simple designs and, going up to about $3500 for complex murals, or more.

Motorcycle tank and 2 fenders with graphic flames-   Starting at $1000 and an additional cost for tribal style or multiple layered flames or any other complex patters.

Full size fridge-   Starting at $800 and going up to $1800, or more.

Portraits in paint-   11”x14” averaging $500, additional effects such as intricate lighting, composition, etc. will be more.
Portraits in pencil- averaging $100,  additional effects such as intricate lighting, composition, etc. will be more.


For base coat/ clear coat with no art, for motorcycles, price’s as followed:
These price’s include only minor bodywork.


Single color base coat/clear coat for a split tank or single tank and fender set $400.00
Oil can add $100.00
These price’s do not include a cut and buff, only spot buffing as required. For full cut and buff add $250.00

All prices beyond this point include full cut and buff.

Candy painted tank and fender set $1200.00, oil can add $250.00

Flake add $600.00 to either of the above price’s.

Full dressers with hard bags start at $2200.00 for single color base coat/ clear coat

For the same in candy $3500.00

Flake add $1000.00 to either above bagger price’s.

Basic graphic flame job for tank and fender set including oil can with single base color and single color flame, and pinstriped $1500.00

For the same in candy $1800.00

For pin striping to either of the above price’s add $250.00

For flake to either of the above price’s add $600.00

Full dressed hard baggers single color base, with single color flame $3200.00

For the same in candy $4500.00

With flake add $1000.00 to either of the above bagger price’s.

For pin striping flame add $300.00

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Turn Around Time

Turn-around time depends upon current work load, as well as the complexity of the project.
The first project in is the first project out.
Pre-booking time slots with a deposit can be discussed and considered.

There are many variables to consider, especially when dealing with auto body painting.

For a quicker turn-around time, expect to pay more.

What I Require

Before I begin a project I need photos of the vehicle
from multiple angles. This may be especially needed if parts need to be shipped.
This will give us our before shots to go with our after shots and it will allow
me to see and compare parts that will fit, thus comparing how a design can fit
or help fit the streamline of the vehicle. Also if there’s parts on the vehicle
that won’t be seen in person, such as body kits etc.., the client should mark any
relevant parts with chalk, a pencil (if the base color is light enough), grease
pencil, a water soluble marker, tape, or even a crayon to indicate where parts
sit and such. Make any relevant markings, i.e. seats, struts, etc.. For example,
this is to indicate where a seat would sit and how much it obscures the view of
what needs to be painted with design and what doesn’t. Also the photos may be
used  should we decide to have some of our stencils cut out with a plotter.

I also need complete mailing and shipping addresses,
along with contact numbers.

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Payment Method

Cash, Check, or Money Order

Make Payable to: Dennis T Panzik

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I retain all copyright to the original art unless agreed
otherwise. We encourage the promotion of the project, i.e.. magazines, videos,
calendars, etc.

Please send us copies.

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3 Responses to “How I Work”

  1. Chris Stout says:

    I have a project I would might want you to work on if you can. Please call me at 920-216-4766. Thank you.

  2. Heather landrum says:

    Yes I am looking to have a handpainted custom fire helmet made. I was wondering pricing and time frame it would take. I love you work. I know the design and everythi g that I would need already

  3. Dennis Panzik says:

    Hi. I need to know more details about what you’re wanting to get painted. Email me about what you’re looking to get and send any supporting reference you may have. Thanks.

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