Indian Theme Grand Caravan

The husband of this van is Mohawk descendant, hence the colors of the feathers on the spear on each side of the van. He knew he wanted an Indian along with a wolf. His wife wanted an Indian Princess. We decided to do one side a Winter scene and the other a Fall scene.

All of us were quite pleased with how it came out.

I  blended the sides off using sepia tones.

Photos never do justice and a great example of this is how since I used transparent paint, and can also control how thick or thin/ light or dark the paint is, and for the water surface I allowed it so that the metallic in the base color of the van would show though in places. So when the sun hits it right, it appears as though the water is gleaming itself.

There are many pictures of this in the gallery to see all the details on both sides. Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures.

I prepped,  airbrushed, clear coated and then cut and buffed all four doors of the van myself. 

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