Vet Bike

Vet Bike

This was a great honor to paint for a Vietnam veteran.

He also drove PCU (Personal Carrier Unit) tanks. Hence the one in the background.

While not seen I had to match a pearl stripe that was damaged and nailed it perfect match, playing with airbrush colors I had on hand. I used Auto Air Colors. I also just used my  .50mm Iwata Eclipse airbrush. I also used some Sticky Mickey Masking for little of the art.

Aside from the stripe touch up, this was just a scuff and shoot job. Meaning sanded down for art, not breaking through into the factor clear coat and base paint colors. If I recall I think the tank got shot with PPG 2021 clear coat. Then I cut and buffed it. Usually 2 clear coat sessions are involved. 2 to 3 coats are applied each session. After first session of coats it has to dry and then it gets sanded down smooth. The second session then has enough material to cut and buff it. That’s where I sand down with less aggressive paper usually 800 at first then a 1000 grit and 1500 grit and finally 2000 grit paper. Then it gets buffed with compounds and a final clear coat safe polish. No better way to get a flawless mirror shine finish.

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